I make pendants from the scraps of clay left after I make a dish. I make many, many pendants. If you visit my booth at a craft show you will see several boxes of them. People search through the boxes to find their favorite designs and colors and then pick a silk tie to wear it on. I usually have no idea what pendants are in the boxes and people seem to enjoy the hunt.

Pendants Asst 380

Some of the many pendants you might find… 

Pendant w pap res on silk    Pendant g pap res on silk    Pendant w M&M on silkPendants Cat oval w BP   Pendants Celtic oval w GMG   Pendants flip flops oval w BP   Pendants turtle GMGPendants Bird SQ W GMG  Pendants DF white pap res 150  Pendants M&M 150 

When shops or jewelers order pendants wholesale I usually choose an assortment for them although if you are in the area you are welcome to come pick your own!